Vessel steering control systemVessel steering control system

A control system that controls the hydraulic steering and trim mechanisms of the agile SuperDvora vessel.

The skipper uses two control panels, from the open bridge and closed bridge, to command the main computer. The main computer senses the two steering wheels status, displays the result on the panel display, analyzes the commands from the panel and forwards relevant directions (CAN bus) to the embedded PID controller.

The PID controller senses the ICT sensors from the two propellers pistons and produces six PWM channels to drive the hydraulic proportional solenoids accordingly.

  1. Dual CAN bus channels – automatic mutual backup
  2. Salty marine environment
  3. Operating temperature – -15 to +60 ◦C
  4. Vibrations – 4G rms. Shock – 35G

The Hydraulic control board is the core of this system.