Mil-spec Video projector

Mil-Spec video projector

An extraordinary system. It is indeed a video projector, but it stands very harsh environment relevant to tough field applications.

The video projector is combined of two parts – electronic box and optical box.

The electronic box features are:

  1. Includes a COMe board to generate the video data and to send it to the projection box via DVI port.
  2. XPembedded operating system.
  3. Includes also a temperature controller board to control the LCOS microDisplay inside the optical box.

The optical box features are:

  1. Includes LCOS microDisplay that produces the video image.
  2. Includes LCOS controller to drive the microDisplay.
  3. Includes a beautiful and sophisticated optical light engine to produces very uniform and focused light source towards the microDispaly. The engine designed with a-thermic lenses.

Intensive thermal analysis process was taken and more temperature control measures developed to allow the system to stand -40 to +70 ◦C operating temperature while using conduction cooling only.

Shock and vibrations – 20G shock and 6G vibrations according to MIL-810.

EMC –  MIL461