Electronic-Design is specialize in customized electronic board design and embedded systems development.

Since its establishment in 2007, Electronic-Design was leaded by professional and very experienced engineers in the fields of hardware, software and mechanics – see below. A brief exploration of this website reveals many electronic boards designed by us in various fields, such CPU, Wired and wireless communication, Control, Sensing, Medical, Video and Power.

Some of them comply with the demanding military environmental, EMC and safety specifications, others developed for the harsh industry environment and others designed for commercial use. According with the PCBs development, we also developed embedded systems shown in the ‘Projects’ drop down above.

Among our embedded production line you may find the following specifications:

CPU boards

Based on iMX6, ARM, MSP430, AtMega, DSP, OMAP. Some of them are uses C++ drivers, others uses real time operating systems BSP such as Linux and WIN-CE. You may also find boards based on Windows OS.

Wired communication

Ethernet, USB, RS232, RS485, SPI, I2C.

Wireless communication

WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular modem, GPS.


Miniature camera modules, IMU (Accelerometer, Gyro, Magnetometer), Audio CODEC, ECG, Pulse-oximeter, Temperature (RTD, Optocoupler, Thermistor).


PID algorithm – Motor, Temperature, Hydraulic.

Power modules

SSR, Vicore, Apex

The Team

Shony Sinay

Hardware Engineer – CEO

After more than 15 years of experience in board design and projects management, Shony is considered as hardware designer and manager expert.


Starting as a junior developer engineer in IAI and Elbit and continue as a project manager in CI-systems and startup companies, he has the know-how regarding PCB and electronic systems development, starting from the RFQ and ending up with a fully functional and regulated product.

Since developing an electronic board or product needs also software and mechanical assistance, Shony skills includes defining the spec and SOW documentations for the relevant engineers in the company and supervising their work.

Avi Tal

Real-time Software Engineer

More than 15 years of experience in RT software development for embedded systems. Avi served in hi-tech companies as Intel, Qualcomm, Masarik, Nanomotion and more.


Avi is now expert in the drivers and applications development field, either C, C++, BSP for RTOS (WIN-CE, Linux) or Windows. He has special expertise in code-composer for DSPs. The list of CPUs known by him is very long – naming just few by their brands: TI, ST, Freescale, Intel, Microchip, Atmel…

Uzi Malimovka

Mechanical Engineer and Designer

Uzi also has more than 15 years of experience in mechanical engineering and product design. He got his product design diploma in the Royal College of Art in London

and his engineering diploma in Israel.

He granted an excellence award for some of his designs.

Many of Uzi designs were mad for plastic moulding and 3D printing. Some of them were mad for metal constructions.

Development tools: SolidWorks, AutoCad, PROe