Electronic-Design is specialized
in custom made cutting edge board
design and embedded systems development.

As a boutique design house, we will develop and manufacture for you either prototype or mass production hardware and embedded system, including software drivers and application. Starting from your specifications and ending with a fully functional, tested and documented product.

Our Value Proposition


CPU Projects

In this impressive line of CPU boards you may find processors based on iMX6, ARM, COMe, MSP430, OMAP, DSP… Wireless: WiFi, BLE, Cellular, GPS… Comm: GigaE, USB… Sensors: Camera, RTD, ECG, IMU and more.

Hydraulic Controller

CONTROL Projects

By implementing a PID control algorithm, we developed ultimately accurate temperature controller, four axes motor control and six axes hydraulic control boards and systems.

Power Distributor

POWER Projects

Electronic-Design developed also high power boards in terms of currents and voltages. One may find here SSR based power distributor, 1KW bipolar power supply and 45V/11A power amplifier.

The Process


Developing a reliable prototype according

to your specifications and verify it

in the laboratory.


After regulatory testing, the design will

be fully documented to produce

a production portfolio.


We have the capability to manufacture

for you not only the prototype but also

migrating to mass production.

We’re on TV !

The secured smartphone case is introduced on the Israeli TV.

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